Understanding the Risks Involved with Moving & Handling People

May 9, 2014

When it comes to effective patient care, moving and handling is one of the most difficult things to get right, and there are a number of risks to the well being of the patient as well as the carer. Depending on the nature of the disability or illness, a patient may require moving and handling to simply get in and out of bed or perhaps a vehicle, right through to requiring assistance with bathing, using the toilet or even turning over in bed.

Associated Risks

Manual handling can create a number of potential risks for both the patient and the carer. For the carer, the most common injuries are undoubtedly back and muscle-related, especially if the proper training on how to lift and move a patient is not undertaken. Although muscle-related injuries will often recover over time, more severe problems could stay with the carer for the rest of their lives, not only restricting their movement but also impacting on their ability to effectively care for patients.

For the patient, injuries incurred to the shoulders, neck and back are also common, however fragile skin can also be damaged, while exacerbating breathing difficulties and causing bruising or cuts are also potential risks.

Manual Handling Solutions from Genie Care
Here at Genie Care we have studied the problems involved with manual moving and handling and looked to address them with a range of easy to use, but incredibly effective, moving and handling alternatives.

These include:

ToTo – a radical alternative to traditional turning beds, providing gentle “2-hourly” or “Night Time” turning designed to prevent pressure ulcers.

WaterGenie – provides carers the opportunity to give patients a shower on their own bed, removing the need to move them manually.

SleepLow – this equipment is designed for clients who are confused or at risk from falling out of their beds, however it also offers carers the opportunity to raise the client to a comfortable working height for nursing and transfers.

These innovative and revolutionary products have helped us to become one of the UK’s leading names in moving and handling as well as specialised pressure care products.


Palliative Care – Moving and Handling

February 14, 2014

How Our Moving And Handling Products Assist With Palliative Care

Posted on September 10, 2013 by admin

Palliative care is an approach to healthcare which aims to prevent and relieve the suffering of those facing life-threatening illnesses, and improve their quality of life. It can be provided to those in all stages of a disease, including those who are undergoing treatment for a disease with may be curable, and those that are facing a terminal diagnosis.

One branch of palliative care is hospice care, which deals with those for whom a cure is no longer possible and who may be nearing the end of their lives. For these patients, and all those undergoing palliative treatment, carers aim to ensure that the patients have as much control and dignity as they can, as well as ensuring comfort and relief from pain where possible.

This is where patient moving and handling equipment from Genie Care can help. With patients receiving palliative or hospice care, it may be the case that it is no longer possible for them to move easily. If a patient is conformed to bed for days or weeks at a time, it is essential that they are moved and turned within the bed, in order to maintain tissue viability and stop them developing uncomfortable pressure ulcers or ‘bed sores’, and improve their overall comfort. However, many patients find being regularly manually turned by a member of hospital or hospice’s staff can feel degrading and demeaning. If one of the aims of palliative and hospice care is to help these patients maintain as much dignity as possible, surely this isn’t the best way?

With a patient turning device such as our innovative Toto, there is another solution. This device disposes of the need for manual turning by a nurse, as it gently turns the patient automatically throughout the day and night. The device can be programmed by a member a staff to turn at regular intervals, varying from every 15 minutes to every two hours. This means that your palliative patient does not have to be turned by a member of staff at all, allowing them to retain some self-respect and dignity, and enjoy a comfortable rest. The real attraction of the Toto, however, is the comfort it provides, as the system turns extremely gently whilst making almost no noise at all, so it causes little disruption to the patient and means that they will not have to be woken up to turn over during the night.

These products are already in use in a number of Primary Care Trusts throughout the UK, but they could help many others in care homes and hospices, providing patients and staff with more freedom and peace of mind. To find out more, please browse our website or call us on 01903 722283.Image

Toto Wins First Award of The Year

February 12, 2014

Toto ( lateral turning Platform) by Genie Care Ltd is Voted Best product of the Year by the members and delegates of The Disability Foundation.

This is particularly pleasing as the members and delegates were a cross section of Health care Professionals from, the private sector, the NHS and local authorities.

From Disciplines: Tissue Viability Nurse Specialists, Community Matrons, Occupational therapists, Physiotherapists, Complex Case Managers, Back Care Advisers,  Moving and Handling Specialists and Various trainers.

Thank you all for your belief in ToTo.



ToTo:How Does the Patient Turning Device Work?

April 29, 2013

To To: How Does the Patient Turning Device Work?

Posted on April 23, 2013 by admin

Caring for patients with severe mobility issues can be time consuming but it is necessary to provide adequate pressure care to ensure that patients do not develop pressure sores. Unfortunately, manual turning can be difficult for both patients and carers due to the time it takes, the frequency of the turning and the risks involved.

Here at Genie Care we have developed a revolutionary patient turning device that eliminates the need for manual turning; this innovative development can guarantee that patients receive the necessary care as the issue of human error is no longer present.

Gentle Turning through Innovative Technology

The way in which the To-To operates is presented in this diagram and, as you can see, the programmable device offers a simple yet effective turning system.

The device can be programmed to turn the patient as frequently as necessary from 15 minutes to 2 hours throughout the day and night.

One of the most advantageous aspects of using this device, of course, is that the patient can be turned throughout the night without being disturbed. The patient receives both a full night’s sleep and the necessary pressure care; something that is simply not possible with manual turning.

Benefits for Both Carers and Patients

At Genie Care our aim is to develop new equipment that offers benefits for both carers and patients. The To-To is a prime example of this.

–    Carers spend less time completing manual turning and can use this additional time to provide a higher quality of care.
–    Carers are not put at risk of physical harm; a risk that is present during the manual turning process.
–    Patients no longer have to cope with the discomfort or embarrassment that can be experienced during manual turning.
–    Similarly to carers, the patients are also not put at risk of physical harm.
–    Patients are guaranteed to receive the necessary pressure care that they require.

If you would like more information about the To-To or the other equipment we provide, please browse our website; alternatively, if you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with us directly on 01903 733 37.

How Can A Patient Turning Device Enhance Pressure Care?

April 4, 2013

How Can A Patient Turning Device Enhance Pressure Care?

The healthcare industry is always looking for new and innovative ways to progress and develop in order to streamline processes and offer an increasing quality of patient care. New and advanced technology, of course, is making this increased level of care more accessible and more easily implemented across within numerous institutions.

Here at Genie Care we are at the forefront of developing technology to improve the quality of pressure care and pressure care equipment to ensure that processes for patients and carers alike are continually improving. We have developed a number of innovative systems that provide much needed support and care for bedridden patients and those suffering with severe mobility issues.

The ‘To-To’: Patient Turning Device

The To-To is a revolutionary patient turning device that delivers guaranteed, consistent pressure care for bedridden patients; this device eliminates the need for manual turning.

–    Patients are guaranteed to receive the needed turning as the element of human error is removed.
–    Patients are not put at risk of physical harm or discomfort; a significant problem associated with manual turning.
–    Patients that find manual turning embarrassing or uncomfortable will no longer have to cope with the psychological stress.
–    Patients receive an undisturbed night’s sleep as the device gently turns the patient throughout the night.
–    The whisper quiet system and gentle turning minimises any disruption during the day and night.
–    Carers or nurses are free to complete other important tasks; eliminating manual turning from their workload allows for increased quality of care in other areas.
–    Patients with only one carer or nurse that is unable to turn the patient alone will still receive the appropriate level of care.

As you’ll know, turning of bedridden patients is absolutely essential to maintain tissue viability and reduce the risk of pressure sores. Our patient turning device, the To-To, ensures that this essential care is guaranteed.

If you would like more information about the To-To please visit and browse our website; you are also welcome to contact us on 01903 733 377 if you have any questions or queries.

Talk to us about Toto – Unique Lateral Turning System

December 14, 2012

Suitable For Use on any bed and under 99% of Mattresses

Unique System for 2 Hourly Patient Turning

The suffering for those that are confined to a bed for extended periods of time doesn’t simply end with their current ailment, because being in the same place and position for such a long time can often result in pressure-related health problems – making their overall value of life even worse. This serious concern raises the need for ‘two-hourly’ turning or movement, and while some patients may have a carer to do this for them, others cannot. For this reason, we at Genie Care have brought about the solution, in the form of ToTo: completely unique patient turning equipment that sets itself apart from all other products on the market.

A Radical Alternative

Traditional, turning beds can actually make the problem worse and cause further discomfort simply by the way they work, however the ToTo couldn’t be more different as it presents a complete revolution in moving, handling and tissue viability.

Able to fit onto any single-sized bed, the ToTo goes against the grain by offering a fresh approach to 2 hourly or night time turning, as we fully understand that other patient turning choices can disrupt the night’s sleep and further add to the problem. The ToTo instead doesn’t require the helping hand of a carer to operate and is fully programmable so it does not disturb the patient but still provides the ever-essential tilting and turning that will keep pressure sores and ulcers from being a problem.

A Wealth of Benefits

It doesn’t end there either, as the unique design features of the ToTo, which follow on the ethos of all of our other products, bring a wealth of benefits that can be tailored to the needs of any patient. Starting of course with the reduced dependency on carers and nursing staff (a benefit which has brought about the ToTo being used in hospitals across the country) and moving onto other benefits such as the ease of installation and its whisper quiet operation

Get a Full Night’s Sleep

December 1, 2012

Whisper Quiet Turning Device:

One of the most common problems for bedridden patients is the necessary turning to prevent the development of pressure sores and the subsequent difficulties that this presents. The necessary manual turning of patients by nurses or carers can be both dangerous and humiliating for the patients during the day and highly disruptive throughout the night.

Eliminating the Need for Manual Turning

Night time turning results in a severely disrupted night’s sleep for patients and the following lack of sleep can cause unnecessary distress and can even stunt a patient’s recovery. Here at Genie Care we specialise inpressure care equipment and we understand the need for regular patient turning and the problems that this can cause; however, thanks to our unique patient turning device, the To-To, these problems can be addressed.

A Revolution in Pressure Care

Our ToTo turning device offers a revolutionary new method of turning patients throughout the day and night at regular intervals without disturbing the patient. The lifting system takes around 10 minutes to complete a turn and the gentle movement does not disturb the patient as manual turning would do.

As the device turns the patient it is incredibly quiet (<20db); many of our previous customers have been amazed at how quiet the device really is. The gentle movements and whisper quiet device allows patients to get a peaceful night’s sleep while receiving the turning needed to prevent pressure sores.

Here at Genie Care we are passionate about providing pressure care equipment and tools to make disabled and bedridden patients as comfortable and as safe as possible. Please browse our site for more information about the To-To and our other products such as the Water Genie and Sleep Low.

If you would like additional information, or if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Water Genie

November 19, 2012

Safety and care for those in bed



Gives patients a shower on their own bed.

See the portable WaterGenie, which gives the luxury of a real shower and hair wash on your own bed and maintains your dignity.

  • Unique, portable shower system
  • Gives patients a refreshing, 10-minute shower without having to move them
  • Minimises risk of exacerbating existing infirmity
  • A better alternative to a bed bath
  • More cost-effective solution than expensive alterations
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Rolling transfer of patient into ‘bath’ that is then inflated around them using the integral powered pump
  • Separate clean and waste water pumping systems eliminate the risk of cross-contamination
  • Suitable for patients confined to bed such as the elderly, terminally ill and those with high dependency



  • Low voltage
  • Visible and audible temperature indicator
  • Straightforward connections and continuous waste water removal during showering
  • Wheeled console can be moved easily when full of water
  • Bath constructed from anti-fungal impregnated vinyl
  • Waste water can be pumped up to 20m away to the nearest drain
  • Weight when empty: 17kg / 37.4lbs
  • Water capacity: 60 litres
  • WaterGenie® dimensions: 50cm (w) x 50cm (d) x 85cm (h) (approx)
  • Standard bath dimensions: 183cm x 80cm (6ft x 2.6ft)
  • Various sizes of bath available and can be made to measure
  • Carries the CE mark and constructed to ISO 9001 and EMC89/336/EEC standards

Improve Quality of Life with ……..

November 16, 2012

Effective Pressure Prevention ToTo – Lateral Turning Platform

If you’re a carer or a nurse and your loved one or patient suffers from paralysis or a disability which severely restricts mobility then you’ll already understand that complete or partial paralysis has an overwhelming impact on quality of life. A person with paralysis is always at risk of developing pressure sores as they are unable to turn themselves and regular repositioning is essential in pressure prevention; here at Genie Care we have developed a revolutionary pressure care system called ToTo which can significantly improve quality of life.



No More Manual Repositioning  ToTo – Lateral Turning Platform

Conventional pressure care will usually consist of a carer or carers attending to a patient at regular intervals in order to turn him or her from one side on to the other; this manual repositioning is effective in reducing pressure ulcers but can have a negative impact on your loved one or patient. The perpetual yet essential repositioning by one or more carers can become uncomfortable for the patient, is incredibly time consuming for nurses and if you’re a lone carer then repositioning can be difficult, dangerous or simply not possible.


The ToTo gently turns the patient at regular intervals without the aid of a carer or nurse; this means that turning is entirely safe and as nurses or carers, you’ll now have more time to provide a better level of care and spend quality time with your loved one or patient.

Quality Care For All Patients  ToTo – Lateral Turning Platform

Many patients in a home will not have a care package that extends to night time care; unfortunately, this means that patients will not be repositioned throughout the night and complications can occur as a result. The ToTo is incredibly quiet and can be programmed to a ‘night time turning’ setting to turn patient throughout the night; this can help to ensure that pressure ulcers do not develop and that the patient has a full and good night’s sleep. This is also particularly beneficial for you if you are caring for a loved and need to get up throughout the night for repositioning; thanks to the ToTo you can also get a well-deserved rest.


If you would like to know more about the pressure prevention benefits of the ToTo then please browse our website or contact us if you have any questions at all.

ToTo – What and How ?

November 15, 2012

What Type of Bed Is Necessary?

The ToTo can be fitted to any bed or hospital bed. There is no need to purchase a specialist bed and the ToTo can be moved from bed to bed as necessary. The system is not bound to one bed once fitted.

How Is The To-To Fitted?

The lifting system is fitted between the mattress and mattress platform to slowly and gently turns without disturbing or distressing the patient.

How Loud Is the ToTo?

This system is exceptionally quiet (<20db) as it is designed to provide the essential turning while offering patients a peaceful night’s sleep. It can be both humiliating and stressful for patients to be turned during the night by carers and many patients do not have the necessary care package to cover night time turning. The To-To removes this problem entirely.

How Often Does It Turn A Patient?

One of the best things about the system is the control you have over both the turning and dwelling times as the system is fully programmable.

The To-To offers an incredible range of benefits for both patients and carers; clickhere to see the To-To in action. If you would like more information about the ToTo or our range of other products, don’t hesitate to browse our website or contact us directly.